Recipe: vegan Raspberry-Chocolate Muffins

    24. August 2016

    A farce. This could be the definition, for producing pictures for the blog. Nice ones. At first, you’re destroying your kitchen during cooking or baking and then have to rush to get the last daylight for good pictures. You’re lying on the floor, in front of the big balcony door, trying your best. It’s not that funny, to get the yellow touch from artificial light out of your pictures, in an after correction, if you forget every time how you do it. So, I’m lying on the floor, trying to hold the reflector with my feet at the right angle and hate myself for not buying these softboxes, which I have an eye on for years. “I need a better lens. Not softboxes.” It’s not that wrong. But before I buy myself a new lens, I’m going on holiday.

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    3 Spots you can visit in London for free

    London isn’t cheap. I don’t wanna say this again and again. I feel like, I repeat myself in every post about the British capital. But what should I do? I don’t like spending money.…

    26. July 2016
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    My 2016: June

    Hello, June. And again. Another month flew by. Halftime. #Euro2016 Not only am I stalking regularly, what others are doing for example Kathi, I also think, it’s a good idea to have a look at…

    30. June 2016
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    Recipe: vegan Spaghetti Carbonara

    Since had to stay in bed with the flu  for two weeks in march and consumed cooking videos on Youtube insed of real food, I’m hungry. Constantly. I wanna eat everything, but no idea…

    26. May 2016
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    Recipe: vegan swedish Kanelbullar

    “Can you please make some Franzbrötchen**? Or cinnamon buns? Just something with cinnamon!”, my family is asking me this quite a while now. But their suggestinons were boring. It’s always the same. At the moment I’m…

    14. February 2016
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    Hostel Review: Generator Hostel Copenhagen

    The first time I heard of and saw the Generator Hostel, I was in Dublin. And most of all, I saw that a hostel didn’t have to look like one we usually imagine. Small, a bit…

    4. February 2016
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    Somewhere between London and a Silent Monastery

    One moment you feel yourself like Lara Croft and in the next moment like Mahatma Gandhi. I don’t know, who to blame for this. My zodiac sign, if I wanna be Lara Croft or…

    19. January 2016
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    Hostel Review: Abercorn House Hostel

    London is expensive. At least if you are travelling on a non-existent student budget. Goal for the last trip to the British capital was, therefore, to find a relatively inexpensive but also a centrally…

    5. January 2016