Recipe: Vegan Vanilla Crescents

    10. December 2017

    Christmas is coming. I would bet everyone has already baked one batch of Christmas cookies. But, you can never have too many cookies. Especially not the good ones. My favs are the vanilla crescents. Even if I’m not the biggest fan of Christmas and December in general, I’m a big fan of the good stuff, (cherry picking obvs): the cookies.

    For almost three decades our family friends and we are having a Christmas bake-off at home, where we’re making all the good stuff, stuffing our faces with warm cookies all day until our stomachs are done. Since I’m vegan it’s a bit difficult because the others aren’t but I still have one or two recipes, to make every year. One of my favorites are the Vanilla Crescents. They are done within 30 minutes and are the perfect crumbly ones you can rarely buy. Here is the recipe:  kipferl vanilla crescents Continue Reading

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