Bucket List 2017: #stayfocused

18. January 2017

Good resolutions. Cracked and probably already enjoyed on the 1st of January. As every year, my new year starts with the end of Christmas Day. Then I hide with my old and the new calendar in bed, transfer birthdays, enter appointments, which have already announced for the next year and try at least to start in the new year with the feeling that I will have the year and my life under control.

Where are we going? What’s going to happen? And who actually came up with the idea of getting the calendar this full already? Where is the creative space…? There is very little this year. Six months of unpaid internship parallel to university courses will leave little time, so it’s even more important to keep the thoughts together and not lose sight of the goals. Just #stayfocused …


What happened to my Bucket List 2016 (German only)?

I wanted to travel to three countries I never set a food in. In January I traveled to Copenhagen. I never saw Denmark before. In April I flew to Milan. The “real” Italy I had not seen before. I’ve only come to southern Tyrol and that is probably more Austria than Italy. And in September I went to Riga. Three countries that couldn’t have been more different than my lovely, beautiful London. Where I was in June. Behind my plan to visit three never seen countries pranks a huge hook. Checked!

My main goal of 2016: I wanna see Polar lights. Yeah, this was nothing. Well, it would be boring in 2017 if hadn’t saved anything.

Let’s have a look at my Bucket List 2017.

  • I have to see Polar lights!
    • And of course, I have to see them in Iceland. Several sites say the chance for Polaris in northern Iceland is the highest. If that’s so … then I have to go to Iceland. ;)
  • I wanna visit a Kelly Family concert/a concert of a member of the Kelly Family. 
    • No, I don’t want to go to some concert, but to a concert of the man, I had a really bad crush on when I was a little girl 20 years ago. Paddy Kelly; today better known as Michael Patrick Kelly. However, I am not quite sure, whether I should take the risk to enter the concert hall and burst into flames. I’m not quite religious, but MPK is… So. Let’s see, what will happen. I wrote a few years ago an article about my love for their music on Maries blog. (German only)
  • I wanna go to Lappland to the 7 Fells Hostel.
    • Usually, I don’t choose my destinations for the accommodations. Like every normal person does. This time it’s different. What makes the 7 Fells Hostel special, is that it’s completely “eco-friendly” and “pet-friendly”. As a hidden eco, I need to have a stay there. Really, I need to. And even though I am the grinch, icy temperatures in the deepest winter, and quite a lot of snow will melt my heart. My little dog has to stay at home, but I will write him a postcard.

We have an anti-xmas tree! Come and celebrate anti-xmas with us ? #suomi100

Ein von 7 Fells Hostel (@7fellshostel) gepostetes Foto am

  • More a to-do than a point on my Bucket List: I need to go back to London. I drank all my tea.
    • Tesco has the worlds best peppermint tea with licorice. So far, I could not find a counterpart in Germany, which even approaches the one from Tesco.
  • I would like to spend Christmas and New Years not in Germany.
    • The Christmas grinch would like to spend the holidays on a lonely island at 30°C! With drinks and Melanie Thornton.

Nevertheless, the list is a bit cheated. I could check one point out of this list because it’s already firm. But I don’t wanna cross it out because I’m so looking forward to it. But, of course, I won’t tell you. Some other points are missing as well. Especially what I want to achieve personally or professionally. However, I am not interested in this section at all on other blogs and for the project of running a marathon or to use up the bathroom collection of shower gels, I don’t need a changing year. And still: The dozens of points, that my motivational high of the last weeks packed into my calendar and my bucket list, we will talk about somewhere this year. The exciting ones. Not this personal nonsense …

What do you really want to do this year?

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  • Reply Kathi 13. February 2017 at 11:25

    Yay, ich hoffe sehr für dich, dass es klappt, die Nordlichter zu sehen! :) Ich habe ja schon so viel tolles gehört von Island, dass es auch ohne Nordlichter sicherlich ein Wahnsinnstrip werden wird! Und London…. hach, dahin möchte ich auch unbedingt sehr bald weider zurück! <3
    Puh… 2017 hat schon ziemlich spannend angefangen und ich glaube, auch bei mir wird sich einiges verändern. Aber ich freu mich drauf und hihi vor allem freu ich mich, dass ich wieder Internet habe und am Bloggerleben und Kommentieren wieder teilnehmen kann :D

    • Reply Lara 25. February 2017 at 15:52

      Bei dir wird sich was verändern? Da bin ich aber neugierig. :D
      Solltest du in London sein, dann sag früh genug bescheid und ich komm aufn Kaffee vorbei. ;)

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