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  • Hostel Review: Generator Hostel Copenhagen

    The first time I heard of and saw the Generator Hostel, I was in Dublin. And most of all, I saw that a hostel didn’t have to look like one we usually imagine. Small, a bit…

    4. February 2016
  • Hostel Review: Abercorn House Hostel

    London is expensive. At least if you are travelling on a non-existent student budget. Goal for the last trip to the British capital was, therefore, to find a relatively inexpensive but also a centrally…

    5. January 2016
  • Hostel Review: Barnacles

    After my hostel experiences from the last few years, I flew to Dublin without any expectations. It couldn’t have been more terrible than before. I saw carpets which were alive, I saw moldy bathrooms…

    17. May 2014