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  • 3 Spots you can visit in London for free

    London isn’t cheap. I don’t wanna say this again and again. I feel like, I repeat myself in every post about the British capital. But what should I do? I don’t like spending money.…

    26. July 2016
  • Somewhere between London and a Silent Monastery

    One moment you feel yourself like Lara Croft and in the next moment like Mahatma Gandhi. I don’t know, who to blame for this. My zodiac sign, if I wanna be Lara Croft or…

    19. January 2016
  • Hostel Review: Abercorn House Hostel

    London is expensive. At least if you are travelling on a non-existent student budget. Goal for the last trip to the British capital was, therefore, to find a relatively inexpensive but also a centrally…

    5. January 2016
  • Vegan on the way: Cookies and Scream @ Camden Market

    If you go vegan, you should not only carry a bag of emergency nuts with you, but also reckon with that you might only get chips with ketchup when eating out. While the vegan offering is getting…

    3. January 2016