Recipe: Black and White Cookies with Coffee

18. December 2015

Once a year there is this big cookie baking at HQ Blume with a befriended family. Last year, I tried those colourful swirled cookies, I found on Pinterest, and the year before I shared with you my recipe for Vanillekipferl (vanilla cornets) which found their way in the cookie jar as well. This year I wanted to give some black and white cookies a try. As a special twist I made them with instant coffee. I’m in a full blown coffee mood at the moment. Bad. As always, I didn’t follow one recipe, I got some inspiration from several ones and threw everything together in the bowl. But, they became quite good. There you go…
black and white cookies


  • 300 g spelt flour
  • 200 g margarine (Alsan), cold
  • 100 g sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 2-4 tsp milk, ice cold

white dough:

  • ground vanilla or vanilla pod

dark dough:

  • 4 sachets of instant coffee (espresso) á 1,8gr (in my case by Jacobs)
  • 4 tbs baking cocoa
  • 50 g melted chocolate

You need the basic dough two times and add the ingredients for the white resp the black dough. Mix it and then let the dough rest for around an hour. The dough is only limited good for cookie cutting. You have to knead it very good before you’re going on with the life. In the picture you can see three different kind of how I used the dough. Swirled, cut and marbled with the leftovers from cutting. They baked at 180°C for around 15 minutes, because they were quite thick. Watch them. They might turn out ready in 10 minutes.

What are your favourite cookies for Christmas?


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