Defying Gravity: Wicked – The Musical @ Apollo Victoria Theatre

11. January 2016

Actually, it’s a shame. Not only that it took more than 8 years before I finally saw this musical, I also had to travel to another country and, on top, I got invited. The first time I heard about Wicked, was in 2007 from another intern. She knew everything about musicals, got me everything I wanted to know, as well as the newest gossip. (At this point I got a bit annoyed at myself due to the fact, that I’m free of any talent that you need to become a musical actor.)

Since then, since 2007 I wanted to see Wicked. Why haven’t I? Primary, I might be a little lazy. Fine, a lot. For some years, it played in the next city. Maybe half an hour away from my home. The journey to london took around 3 hours. Maybe a bit more. Miscalculation, I guess…

The whole spectacle has taken place at the Apollo Victoria Theatre. And I loved it. And I still do. (Even though it was disgusting cold in the theatre.) During the whole show and also after, I couldn’t get the smile out of my face. Emma Hatton, played the green witch Elphaba, did a great job. I really didn’t have much knowledge from music, can barely read music and have no feelings relating to music. But I got goose bumps. Over and over again. And again. She was phenomenal, the whole ensemble was brilliant, the costume and stage and everything just worked. I haven’t seen this many musicals (live), but I know, I have to see Wicked again. Maybe, I should have a look at the option “moving to London”, that I can see it every night before sleep… ;)


Regarding to this kind of entertainment, London has certainly something for everyone. Aladdin, Lion King, Thriller, Mama Mia!, Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables… These are the ones, I recognised while strolling around. You should have a look at Ticketmaster, Boxoffice and everywhere else, where tickets are for sale. You find something…

The prices for Wicked start at £17.50 (about 24 €) and go up to £125 (about 170 €). For £17.50 you sit then there where we sat. At the top (Circle), not for people with vertigo. For me personally, we had still a good view. Pictures aren’t allowed during the performance anyway. Until the 5th of November 2016 the are tickets for sale. What happend after… I don’t know.

The tickets for Wicked and Co. you can either buy online, at the theatre itself or for all of you with a small budget, at the TKTS ticket-sale at Leicester Square. But TKTS seems to me, didn’t have tickets for every show. But maybe the luck is with you, and you can get a big discount on a show you wanna see.

I’m not an expert.  There might be a lot more ways to get (cheaper) tickets for anything you want.

Which musicals have you already seen?

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