Hostel Review: Barnacles

17. May 2014

After my hostel experiences from the last few years, I flew to Dublin without any expectations. It couldn’t have been more terrible than before. I saw carpets which were alive, I saw moldy bathrooms and I slept infront of a extractor hood from the kitchen. It’s great to fall asleep and wake up with the smell of fried potatoes. So, it was no surprise, that I loved Barnacles*. I found this hostel while searching google maps to look, what’s next Vicar St. (Where I went for a show.)

Ding. Ding. Ding. Jackpot.


Review score:

  • Location: 5/5
  • Value for money: 4/5
  • Facilities: 3/5
  • Cleanliness: 4/5
  • Other: 4/5
  • Total 20/25
  • Ø 4/5

Positive: Central. The hostel is located in den center of Dublin. Most of Dublins sightseeing is in walking distance. Temple Bar, the bar from all your postcards, is a direct neighbour and some irish backpipe music plays you to sleep in the evening. Our room, one bunkbed, one closet had around 8 square meter and the privat bathroom maybe 3. But, what do you need more? This was more than I expected. Breakfast was available from 7am to 9.30am. Toast, jam, coffee, juice, tea… it contained more than my breakfast at home. Breakfast is served for everyone in the kitchen, self-serving and washing dishes including. Some other guests looked like, they stayed there quiet a while. They came to breakfast at something past 9, in their Hello Kitty pjs, bare feet and bedhead hair. Extremly likable. Now: the most important point. Internet and wifi were inclusive. As an internet jerk, this had to be of course a must. Let’s let it uncommented, that the wifi couldn’t handle that many people at daytime. The wifi was much better at night.

Negative: I can’t think of anything. Irregular room wifi isn’t a negative point.


Should you at some point come up with the idea to go to Dublin, I highly recommend to plan ahead and go to Barnacles. The rooms there seemed rar and sough after. We heard “double booking” quiet a lot when we were there. Should I go to Dublin again some day, this hostel I my first stop.

And you? Hostel or hotel?



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