Monthly Recap: January & February –
From castles in the air and new shores

2. March 2018

It’s March and this girl is presenting a recap of January?

Yeah, my inner Mr. Monk can’t cope with a start in February and the end of January just came way to fast… she’s writing in March. 


I like the January. January is like Monday. So unwritten and ready for new outrages. In January there is still this wave of New Years motivation. This motivation, which makes you a particularly creative, knows hardly any boundaries and let you believe archiving all of your goals along the way. I like this motivation. I like the delusions of grandeur and the spinning mills, I like these unrealistic castles in the air and the little steps that make these castles in the air a reality. And if only it’s the first pebble to the driveway …

T R A V E L :  E D I N B U R G H 

In January, a whole lot of strongholds were build. Most of them, in fact, in the few days I’ve been on my January trip to Edinburgh. A summary is coming soon in the form of a Travel Diary. Only so much is said, I’ve never felt so comfortable anywhere, I’ve never found every way right away and I’ve never met so, SO many friendly people. And I’ve never thought about missing the plane and just stay….


Where the February went… I don’t know. The first half of the month I spent between books and university and the other half I spent with research, compare, book and realize that the factor Uni urgently has to disappear from my life. There is really nothing that pulls me down more and catapults my mood faster from 100 to zero.

O F F   T O   N E W   S H O R E S 

For years I had the plan to move to Sweden without ever having been there. Scandinavia is beautiful, the language isn’t a rocket science and the school system is better than in Germany. So I started learning Swedish … Jag heter Lara. More isn’t probably left and the desire to move to a country whose summer temperatures do not exceed the 25 ° Celsius is gone.
If it stays that way, we will see in April, when I’m going to Stockholm for a few days. Actually, I’m quite excited because I will be staying on a boat, I can refresh the language and maybe I even find some vegan Swedish Kanelbullar.

Anyone? Tips?

Places to be? Things to do? People to see?

Tell me what you know about Stockholm!

Masterthesis’ Topic 
Traveldiary Edinburgh & Bath 

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