My 2016: June

30. June 2016

Hello, June. And again. Another month flew by. Halftime. #Euro2016 Not only am I stalking regularly, what others are doing for example Kathi, I also think, it’s a good idea to have a look at your own month. At the end of may, I had a huge stubborn phase and wanted to change everything. So, I semi-spontaneous booked a flight to London, I tormented myself even more in the gym. It felt so good. And, I started to stop thinking…



Career Girl Daily – Online magazine for career-minded woman 

My daily mix of Vogue, InStyle and Brigitte. With their own app, you can bookmark articles to read later. These bookmarked articles are also offline available. A great thing, if you have to kill time on a plane, train or at the office and a too small bag where no magazine fits in.

Adrian Bliss – Vlune

With some irony delightful to look at. Adrian Bliss is a British filmmaker and photo maker, travels in Vlune (vlogs + June = Vlune) once across America and filmed his “exciting” adventure.

Dua Lipa – Hotter Than Hell

At the gym, while traveling, during a thunderstorm, in brightest weather with lowered car-windows. The song had everything, delivered urgently needed good mood and motivation when I struggled.


For one day, I went to Brighton. Despite the fact, that the weather resembled the end of the world, I had wet shoes, my feet hurt and there was a mood below zero, I felt so good in that really not that small town at the coast. I have to go there again. Definitely. But then, the weather has to be better.



I managed to get up also at the weekend between 5.30am and 7am. With a hand full of exceptions, but I’m so proud of myself. Had this on my to-do list for months and months, and finally, I get a sleep cycle.

This had also a huge impact on my calendar. Earlier this month I decided that I, should listen more to my heart, less to the head and to seize opportunities, especially when they just fit my plans and not only in the calendar or the account. Listen to your heart people. This makes everything much easier.

How was your June in just one word?

Adieu June.

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