Vegan on the way: Cookies and Scream @ Camden Market

3. January 2016

If you go vegan, you should not only carry a bag of emergency nuts with you, but also reckon with that you might only get chips with ketchup when eating out. While the vegan offering is getting better and better in Germany, London has really surprised me. I usually don’t care, what I’m eating while travelling. It’s at least not the priority. My diet away from home is usually made of banana, Oreos and hummus with vegetables. But the “vegan” thing is actually arrived in London. Really. And by that I think of the vegan options away from supermarkets and chains like EAT or Pret a Manger.

But despite everything, Camden Market surprised me. I wasn’t only fascinated of all these small shop with its stuff you’ll never need, I got even more excited about the mass of food stands. Most of them prepare your food directly and fresh and if you want, also vegan. The one shop, I was searching for was specialized for sweet tooth (like me). It’s called Cookies and Scream and it has everything you can think of. Hugh cookies, brownies, cakes, ice cream, shakes and more… Just one word: tasty. Thanks to smartphones and WhatsApp, my mum was a bit excited over their stuff and I had to bring her cookies to Germany. So, I went in the crack of dawn at the day of departure back to Camden Market and bought her some. One made it to her, even if only in crumbs.

Pro tip: On Monday at 11am, Camden Market is quite empty and bearable.

isabella-blume-cookies-and-scream-london-camdem-lock-market-vegan-treats-icecream isabella-blume-cookies-and-scream-london-camdem-lock-market-vegan-treats-icecream3

I had a double chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream for 3 GBP. It was soo good, but way too much. Had cake and falafel right before we found this. I would give the advice to everyone to go there on an empty stomach. So you can eat the whole day. Especially for omnivore it’s the land of milk and honey. Whatever you’re hungry for, you will find it there.

You can find Cookies and Scream when you use the entry underneath the clock (on the first picture). There you will find a plan of the areal. It’s possible to find the place on another way, but we didn’t. It’s quite big there.

Tube Station: Camden Town – it’s on the black Northern Line.

Address: Cookies and Scream, The Market Hall, Camden Lock Place, London, NW1 8AF

Another positive point for all the Nerds of you: There is free wifi.


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